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SQM Testimonials

"My experience with Evaluate It was a pleasant surprise. The questionnaire was easy to follow, and the report was very easy to fill in online. The cheque arrived so quickly! I look forward to participating again!!"

Stephanie – Brampton, ON 

 "The Evaluate It program has made it possible and affordable for me to explore new places all over Ontario."

Deborah – Bridgewater, NS 

 "When I am planning a trip I always look to see what is available on the site before I book anything."

Jackie – Kanata, ON 

 "I am enjoying saving money with the Evaluate It program, and the reports are quick and simple. Great value!"

Julie - North-Cobalt, ON 

 "I have enjoyed the communication with the coordinators and found it very helpful." 

Carol-Joy – Wolfville, NS 

 "I really appreciated how quickly I received the payment - and the report was fun and easy!" 

Sandra – Mississauga, ON 

 "I found the 50% savings on the lodging to be great; it's a wonderful way to travel with reasonable costs. Thanks for this opportunity."

Joy – Dartmouth, NS 

 "My experience with Evaluate It has been that the surveys are very straightforward, easy to fill out and payment is very fast."

Wendy – Salisbury, NB 

 "This way of traveling has given me the opportunity to save money while enjoying the beauty of our country without the stress of traffic!"

Sue - Ste-Anne-des-Plaines,QC 

 "I've done a few train and accommodation jobs for Evaluate It, and it really saved me a lot of money on my travel. This is a great way to cut your costs in half, and the reporting is really quite easy."

Susan – Thamesville, Ontario 

 "What a great savings program, to have so much of my cost reimbursed so quickly, after traveling first class." 

Pat - London, Ontario

 "There is such a large selection of hotels to choose from that there is always one near where I am traveling and it is an excellent way to save expenses - especially when you are self employed." 

Lawrence – Kingsville, ON 

 "I saved a lot of money by doing two evaluations during one weekend. The job was easy, fun and well paid. Will do more for sure!"

Isabelle – Lasalle, QC 

 "The Evaluate It Mystery Shops are a great deal - you have the chance to fly to major destinations for half the price, and the report was simple to complete. You can't find a better arrangement out there, especially with today's airfares!"

Jenn – Toronto, ON 

 "I backpacked China with my mom. She will be 70 this year. I can't express what that means for me to be able to do this." 

Holly – Toronto, ON

 "I am very glad that this service allows me to travel at a much more affordable price than an average passenger."

Irene – Toronto, ON 

 "SQM has provided me the opportunity to explore the different types of products and/or services that I would have otherwise not considered; in addition, has broadened my knowledge on various meticulous etiquettes from the different evaluations assigned." 

Michael - Toronto ON, Canada 

 "I felt really comfortable doing this shop. The instructions were easy to follow and payment was prompt." 

Susan – Kelowna, BC